Help Your Student Design A Productive Summer

Taking a class during one or both summer sessions can

  • offer an encouraging boost to students in getting ahead or catching up on required coursework, 
  • lighten their academic load for a fall and/or spring semester, and
  • create time for students to take elective courses to expand their marketable skills and competencies for job and graduate school applications

Encourage your student to examine the class schedule, consider options, and consult with their academic advisor.

Please note: If your student intends to apply as a non-degree student to complete courses at Appalachian State University to count for their degree requirements at their parent institution, it is critically important your student take action on two things:

  • consult with the parent institution before applying to App State, and
  • ensure credits earned from App State will count for their degree completion requirements at the parent institution

Summer Sessions Dates

Summer at Appalachian State University has two five-week terms

Summer Session 1: Classes begin May 30, 2023, for undergraduates, and end June 30

Summer Session 2: Classes begin July 6, 2022 for undergraduates, and end August 8

Class Schedule

Summer 2023 schedule of classes will be posted December 6, 2022

Currently enrolled students: Early registration begins April 3, 2023.

Returning students: Returning students may enroll when all readmit processes are complete.

Non-degree students: Non-degree students may enroll when they have applied and an acceptance is confirmed; registration for non-degree students starts April 18, 2023 at 8 am EST.

First Year and Transfer Students: Newly admitted students for Fall may contact their Admissions Counselor to make arrangements for eligibility to enroll in a Summer course, either Summer 1 or Summer 2.

See our Apply page for definitions of all types of summer students.  

Contact Us

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Treat Yourself to an Enriching Summer

Non-degree students can also include parents and other family members! See our Apply page for additional details on how you can participate.