To access the list of summer classes, please visit our Registration and Classes page.

What Can Summer Do For You?

  • offer you the benefit of getting ahead on your classes
  • give you the advantage of catching up on required coursework
  • expand your marketability for job and graduate school applications when you take courses that broaden your knowledge, competencies, and skills in your chosen field
  • stay on schedule to graduate on time; 30 hours per academic year are recommended
  • lighten your load for a fall or spring semester

Examine the class schedule, consider options, and consult with your academic advisor.

A Special Note to Non-Degree Students

If you intend to apply as a non-degree student with the goal of completing courses at Appalachian State to satisfy degree requirements at your parent institution, it is critically important that you do two things:

  • consult with your parent institution before you apply to App State for Summer
  • ensure the credits earned from Appalachian State for the classes you want to take will count to your degree completion requirements at your parent institution

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