Tuition and Fees

Tuition, Fees, Withdrawal Refunds, and Billing Dates

App State's Student Accounts outlines tuition and fees, a withdrawal refund schedule, and billing dates.

Please note: Tuition for Summer 2023 will be determined by late February or early March.

Payments and Payment Plans

Access: The Billing and Payment Center by Touchnet provides access to the Touchnet payment portals.

Tutorials: For assistance, access step by step tutorials.

Payment Plans: Plans are available through the Touchnet Billing and Payment Center. A tutorial to establish a payment plan is provided by Student Accounts Team. 

Financial Aid

The Office of Financial Aid hosts a Summer Sessions resource page. 

Dropping a Course

You may drop a Summer course(s) through your AppalNet account.

Please note these important considerations before you drop a Summer course:

Fill out the Withdrawal from the University form

  • if you are dropping your only summer class for Summer 1 or Summer 2, or
  • if you are dropping all of your classes for Summer 1 or Summer 2.

Keep in mind and try not to worry:

  • Summer 1 and Summer 2 are semesters like Fall and Spring so the Withdrawal process is the same.
  • You may indicate the semester you are planning to return for classes on the Withdrawal form; you will not be withdrawn for any other semester than the one you have requested.
  • The date you submit your Withdrawal form will serve as the withdrawal date for your refund.
  • Remember, the Withdrawal form is necessary only if you are dropping your only summer course for Summer 1 or Summer 2 or all of your summer courses for Summer 1 or Summer 2.