Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I find the summer schedule?

The summer class schedule can be found on our Registrar’s Registration and Classes page.

May I use my Fall PIN to register for Summer classes?

Yes! Currently enrolled App State students may use the PIN issued to them during advising for fall semester registration.

Who do I contact with my billing questions for Summer?

The Student Accounts team members are happy to help.

Billing Questions: Please call 828-262-2113 or email

Billing Schedule: The billing calendar will indicate dates for Summer 1 and Summer 2. 

How do I rent textbooks? 


  • Order textbooks from the Campus Store as you do for Fall and Spring semesters.
  • Books are shipped UPS Ground and regular shipping charges apply. 


  • Return your textbooks to the Campus Store, 219 College Street, ASU Box 32028, Boone, NC 28608. 
  • All returns must be postmarked by the return deadline in order to avoid being charged for the books.

I need a student id, parking, and a meal plan. Where do I go for help?

Campus Service Express Office, located on the second floor of the University Bookstore, is your first stop for questions related to:

  • AppCard Office (Student ID)
  • Campus Dining
  • Parking and more!

Where do I locate my Banner ID (BID)?

  • Access your AppalNet account using your App State username and password. AppalNet can be found at the top right corner of App State's homepage.
  • Select the Personal Information tab in AppalNet.
  • Choose the item, "Display your Banner ID". There, you will see your 9-digit 900 number which serves as your unique identifier at App State.

Is the Writing Center open and is tutoring available for summer students?

Yes! The University Writing Center is open for Summer Sessions and provides help to all Appalachian State University students at any stage of the writing process in any subject.

The Student Learning Center is open during the Summer Sessions. 

Are Summer classes counted as a part of my overall GPA?

Classes taken in the Summer at App State by App State students are weighted the same as fall and spring classes.  If you are a visiting student, your parent institution will determine how and if credits transfer.

How can I tell if a class is offered on-line in the Class Schedule Search?

Look for the indicator of WEB WEB in the details of the course on the Class Schedule Search.

Will on-line classes meet at a certain time?

There are two kinds of 100% WEB courses:

Those with a meeting pattern are for students and instructors to be online at the same time for lectures, discussions, and/or presentations. For this type of 100% WEB, notice the meeting pattern associated with the course to ensure your availability. The meeting pattern will appear in the columns for days and time in the Class Schedule Search.

Those without a meeting pattern are for students to do the coursework on their own schedule. Instructors provide materials, lectures, tests, and assignments that can be accessed at any time with due dates to turn in assignments and to complete exams.

I am enrolled in a Summer class but cannot view the course in AsULearn.

  • Content for classes in AsULearn can be hidden from student view until the instructor of the course has opened the content for student access.
  • AsULearn content becomes visible to enrolled students in each course on the first day of class.
  • If you would like additional assurances of your enrollment in a course, feel free to reach out to Summer Sessions and we will gladly help you!

Can I postpone my May graduation to take summer classes?

If you have applied to graduate in May and decide you want to take Summer classes, please contact and update your term of graduation. 

I have been accepted for this coming Fall semester. I would like to take Summer classes but I cannot register.

Contact your Admissions Counselor and request your admission date be moved to the date that your summer course(s) begins.  You may need to update your Orientation date.  Contact our Orientation Office to learn more.

How many hours may I take in each summer session?

Undergraduate Students

  • 6 credit hours is considered full time for each summer session for undergraduater students
  • Credits over 7 hours per session will require an overload request.  You can make the overload request in your AppalNet account under "Registration." Look for the "Request Overload" option.
  • The system will allow you 7 hours for each summer session even when a full load is considered 6 hours. 
  • The 7 credit hour allowance per summer session offers you a little more flexibility if a 3 credit and a 4 credit hour course are necessary to help you meet your academic goals.  

Graduate Students

  • During the summer sessions, graduate students may be considered full time in one of two ways: six (6) semester hours in one summer session or a total of nine (9) semester hours over the course of the entire summer.
  • For each Summer Session, the course load maximum is six (6) semester hours in a four- or five-week term and one course in a two- or three-week term.
  • Graduate students may not earn more than 12 hours over the course of one summer.
  • Details for graduate student course loads and full-time enrollment can be accessed in the Academic Policies section of the Graduate Bulletin.

I am a military connected student interested in summer classes. What do I need to know and where may I go for help?

Key points about summer if you are a military connected student:

  • fill out a summer enrollment data form for each summer session as you do for fall and spring semesters
  • 6 credit hours in a summer session as an undergraduate students are considered full time
  • 5 credit hours in a summer session as a graduate student are considered full time
  • students must have one course taught in person (or in-person hybrid) for full eligibility

 For detailed assistance, please contact Student Veteran Services

If I want to take an extra class (which will exceed the credit hour limit), who do I petition to get permission?

Undeclared, Students Deciding Their Major: Students in University College (UC) need permission from their UC Academic Advisor

Declared, Students Having Declared Their Major: Once you declare your major, petition the Dean's Office of the College or School in which your major belongs. Deans Offices have to approve course overloads.

How can I register for classes if I am currently on academic suspension? I was told that I can take summer classes to build my GPA and help terminate my suspension.

Summer sessions classes are available for students regardless of their academic standing.  

  • A student who does not meet the required academic standards (minimum 2.0 cumulative GPA) may enroll in summer sessions at App State and attempt to raise their grade point average by taking new courses or repeating courses. 
  • It is imperative that students speak with their academic advisor or an academic advisor in the Dean's office prior to enrolling for Summer classes to determine the best schedule and the grade point average needed to be removed from suspension or possible opportunities for academic forgiveness.
  • Summer coursework taken at other schools will not affect the student's GPA since credit hours, not grades, transfer back to Appalachian State University. 
  • A student enrolled during Spring semester will need to contact their Dean’s Office and request an override before registering for Summer through Appalnet. 
  • A student not enrolled during Spring semester would be required to apply for readmission to the University.
  • Readmission and academic forgiveness information can be found through our Registrar’s Readmission and Forgiveness Policies pages.

When are exams for the Summer classes?

Since Summer courses must be completed by the last day of the term, instructors often administer the final exam on the last day of the class.

I am taking only one Summer class and I need to drop it, but the system won't let me drop my class.  What do I do?

I attend another university. How do I apply to take summer classes at App State?

Access our Apply page for Non-Degree students and select whether you have or have not attended Appalachian State University.

In the past, I applied to App State but never attended. Do I need to apply again? 

Yes, if you have applied to App State before and have not attended, you will need to reapply. Access our Apply page and select the student type that best describes you. Give Summer Sessions a call, if you have further questions.

I am a rising high school senior. Am I eligible to take a Summer Sessions course?

A high school student who wishes to enroll in a for-credit course must

  • apply as a non-degree seeking student by completing the online application found for non-degree seeking students at this link on the Admissions Non-Degree Seeking Student application page and scroll to the Helpful Information section to see the specific details for high school students, and
  • provide the appropriate permissions from the high school counselor, a parent/guardian, and faculty member for the course(s) you want. 

I am a non-degree student. How can I enroll when the class notes say: NOTE: Permission of instructor is required. 

Email the professor listed for the course to ask for permission to register.

If the class you want requires a prerequisite, be prepared to send the professor and the Department Chairperson a copy of your transcript. 

I am a non-degree student. One course I want to take is close to filling up! Is there anything I can do while I wait on news from Admissions?

Email the instructor of the course letting them know your application is in process with Admissions and that you are very interested in taking their class! The instructor can offer insight into whether or not they can add seats if their course fills while you wait on news from Admissions.

If the class you want to take requires a prerequisite, be prepared to send the instructor and the Department Chairperson a copy of your transcript. The process of examining your transcript can happen prior to your acceptance to App State. Having your transcript ready will help everyone make wise use of your time. View App State’s Bulletin page to see if the class you want to take requires a prerequisite(s).

I applied as a non-degree student and have additional documents to submit to the Admissions Office. How do I get the documents to them?

You may email your documents to the address:

I was enrolled as a non-degree student this past summer.  How do I request a copy of my transcript to be sent to my current institution?

Congratulations on completing your course requirements! Please contact our Records Team and follow their instructions.

I need a summer job while I take classes.  Is there help available to find a job in Boone?

Local employers list job opportunities with App State's Office of Student Employment.  You can sign up for the Odd Jobs Google Group and receive information on local job opportunities.  To learn more, go to the Student Employment web site.

How do I contact you? I have more questions about Summer!

Contact Summer Sessions by calling or emailing.  We are available Monday through Friday from 8:00 am - 5:00 pm and are glad to help you!