Frequently Asked Questions

Who do I contact for questions about my billing for summer classes?

Please call 828-262-2113 or email for any billing questions.  They are happy to help.

How does renting textbooks during the summer work? 

Order your textbooks from the University Bookstore as you would for fall and spring. If your class is online and you have left Boone, you need to order your book(s) by calling 828-262-3070, ext 20. Books are shipped UPS Ground and regular shipping charges apply. If you are calling to order your textbooks, have your Banner ID, the course and section number and your credit card ready.

Return your textbooks to University Bookstore, 219 College Street, ASU Box 32028, Boone, NC 28608.  All returns must be postmarked by the return deadline in order to avoid being charged for the books.

Is the Writing Center open to students in the summer?

Yes! The University Writing Center is open for summer and provides help to all Appalachian State University students at any stage of the writing process in any subject.

Is tutoring available for summer courses?

The Student Learning Center is open during the summer!  

Where do I get my parking permit and what does it cost?

The Parking and Traffic Office is located on the first floor of the Rivers Street Parking Deck.  You can purchase your permit the day before the first day of your summer class(es). Parking costs for Summer 2021 will be available Spring 2021.

Are Visiting Students issued an identification card?

Yes; visit the AppCard Office in Trivett Hall, located on the corner of River Street and Stadium Drive.  The Duck Pond is in front of the building.

Are meal plans available for summer?

Summer meal plans are available and costs for Summer 2021 will be available Spring 2021. 

Where do I find the summer schedule?

Click here!

Can I use my fall PIN to register for summer classes?

Yes! You do not need a separate PIN to register for summer classes. Use the one that you were given during advising.

Are summer classes counted as a part of my overall GPA?

Yes! They have the same weight as regular fall and spring classes.

I'm taking an online class.  Will the class meet at a certain time online?

Synchronous online classes are those that require students and instructors to be online at the same time. Lectures, discussions, and presentations occur at a specific time. All students must be online at that specific hour in order to participate. Synchronous courses will state the time students will meet together online.

Asynchronous online courses are those in which students do the coursework on their own schedule. Instructors provide materials, lectures, tests, and assignments that can be accessed at any time. Students may be given a timeframe – usually a one week window – during which they need to connect with the instructor, turn in assignments, or document a discussion with another student about the content of the course.

Some online courses will have both synchronous and asynchronous characteristics. Please email your instructor if you are unsure of the requirements of the online course.

I am enrolled in a 100% online class and wondering how that works. What website do I use? How do I access the website?

To find information regarding your online class, check your Student Detail Schedule in AppalNet.  You used this site to register for courses.  From the AppState Homepage, click the "AppalNet" link .  Sign in to Self Service, then click the Student Tab.  Under Registration, you can find a link to Student Detail Schedule.  You will be allowed to access the course from here.  If you do not find this to be the case, please contact the instructor of the course for more information and instructions regarding the class.  The instructor’s email address can be searched from the AppState homepage, top right corner, type name and click the people button under it, then search. 

Is it possible for me to postpone my May graduation date so I am able to take summer classes? I have already sent my application for May graduation.

If you have applied to graduate in May and determine that you wish to take summer classes, please contact to update your term of graduation. 

I have been accepted for this coming fall. I would like to take summer courses but I cannot register.

Contact your Admissions Counselor and request your admission date be moved up to the date of your summer course(s) begins.  You may need to update your Orientation date.  Contact our Orientation office to find out.

Is there a limit on how many hours I can take? 

6 hours is considered full time for each summer session. Credits over 7 hours per session will require an overload request.  You can make the overload request in your AppalNet account. The system will allow you 7 hours for each summer session even when a full load is considered 6 hours. Some summer courses are 4 credit hours. The 7 credit hour allowance per summer session offers you a little more flexibility if a 3 credit and a 4 credit hour course are necessary to help you meet your academic goals.  

If I want to take an extra class (which will exceed the credit hour limit), who do I petition to get permission?

Students in University College (UC) would need to get permission from their UC academic advisor.  Once you declare your major, you would petition the Dean's Office of the College or School in which your major belongs. Deans Offices have to approve course overloads.

I'm taking only one class and I need to drop it, but the system won't let me drop my class.  What do I do?

Students who find it necessary to withdraw (i.e., discontinue all classes) for the current term or a future term should use the Enrollment Discontinuation Form available in AppalNET/Web Self-Service. The link to the form can be found under the Student tab. Information from the online form is forwarded to the Registrar's Office for withdrawal processing. If you have questions about the withdrawal process, please contact the Registrar's Office at (828) 262-2050 or (link sends e-mail).

I attend another university. How do I apply to take summer classes at AppState?

Click here, and select "Visiting or Non-Degree Student," selecting whether or not you have/have not attended Appalachian.

In the past, I’ve applied to AppState but have never attended. Do I need to apply again? 

Yes. Click here and follow the directions. Give us a call or email if you have further questions.

I’m a visiting student. How can I ensure my enrollment when the class notes say: NOTE: Permission of instructor is required. 

Email the professor to ask for permission to register. To find the address, go to Enter the professor’s name in search; click the "People" button and search. If the class you're trying to enroll in requires a prerequisite, you should be prepared to send the professor a copy of your transcript to verify you meet the pre-requisites.

How can I register for classes if I am currently on academic suspension? I was told that I can take summer classes to build my GPA and help terminate my suspension.

A student who does not meet the required academic standards may enroll in summer sessions at Appalachian and attempt to raise their grade point average by taking new courses or repeating courses. The summer sessions do not count as semesters earned and are available for students regardless of their academic standing. Students should see an academic advisor prior to enrolling for summer classes to determine the best schedule and the grade point average needed to be off suspension. Summer course work taken at other schools will not affect the GPA since only hours, not grades, transfer back to Appalachian. A student enrolled during spring semester will need to contact their dean and request an “Override” before registering for summer through Appalnet. A student not enrolled during spring semester will submit a data sheet and complete the Non-continuous Enrollment form. The forms can be found on our site here.

I am a rising high school senior. Am I eligible to take a summer course?

A high school student who wishes to enroll in a for-credit course must apply as a non-degree seeking student and provide the appropriate permissions from the high school counselor, a parent/guardian, and faculty member from the course(s) for which they are seeking to register. High school students must complete the online application found here.

I'd like to work and take classes.  Is there help available to find a job in Boone?

Local employers often list job opportunities with AppState's Office of Student Employment.  You can also sign up for the Odd Jobs Google Group and receive information on local job opportunities.  To learn more, go to the Student Employment web site.

Do you know how/when we would be billed for the first session of summer?

Please see the section “When will I be billed? When do I pay?” on our Tuition and Fees site.

I want to talk to someone in person. How do I contact you?

You can find us here! Our office is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 am - 5:00 pm.

I was enrolled as a Visiting Student this past summer.  How do I request a copy of my transcript be sent to my current institution?

Please use the following link.