Non-Degree Students Who Have Not Attended App State

Non-Degree/Have Not Attended App State

You are a non-degree student if you have never attended Appalachian State University before and you plan to return to your parent institution after your summer session program.

You are a non-degree student if you have not enrolled in an institution of higher education and wish to take an undergraduate course at App State for your own benefit.


Non-Degree Student 

Application details are outlined on the Admissions Non-Degree Seeking Students page,

Non-Degree/Licensure Only Pathway to Teaching 

Individuals seeking teacher licensure in North Carolina are  ecouraged to view the details outlined on the Reich College of Education’s Licensure and Certification page,


Please note:

Ensure Your Course Will Count: If you are enrolled in a degree program at another institution and your plan is to take a summer course(s) at App State to meet your requirements, consult with your parent institution to ensure the course(s) will be accepted for your degree before you apply to App State.  

Allow Time for Prerequisites to be Checked: If you are interested in taking a course at App State that requires a prerequisite, be prepared to provide an unofficial copy of your transcript, a course description, and the course syllabus for consideration. Allow adequate time for a decision to be processed by the academic department in which the course is offered and for course registration to be available.

High School Students: If you are currently enrolled in high school, you must provide the appropriate permissions from your high school counselor, a parent/guardian, AND permission from the faculty member teaching the course(s) at App State.

Check Deadlines: If the application deadline falls on a weekend or holiday, the deadline will be the next business day.