Non-Degree Students Who Have Previously Attended App State

Non-Degree/Previously Attended App State

If you have attended AppState before, at any time in your history, please complete the steps to the Re-Admission process.

You might be interested in 

  • taking a class for your own professional development, or
  • returning to your parent institution where you are pursuing a degree program and want the AppState class to satisfy a degree requirement there, or
  • seeking credentialing, continuing education credits, or gaining competencies essential in preparing for professional/entrance exams.

You are a non-degree student if you

  • intend to enroll in coursework at AppState and
  • do not intend to apply to a degree program, undergraduate or graduate program.

Undergraduate Non-Degree Student Re-Admission

The application for Re-Admission is outlined on our Registrar’s Undergraduate Re-Admission page

Graduate Non-Degree Student Re-Admission 

The application for Re-Admission is outlined on our Cratis D. Williams School of Graduate Studies’ How to Apply page.  


Are you satisfying degree requirements for a program at another school? 

Ensure Your Course Will Count: If you are enrolled in a degree program at another institution and your plan is to take a summer course(s) at App State to meet your requirements, consult with your parent institution to ensure the course(s) will be accepted for your degree before you apply to App State.  

Allow Time for Prerequisites to be Checked: If you are interested in taking a course at App State that requires a prerequisite, be prepared to provide an unofficial copy of your transcript and a description and syllabus of the course for consideration. Allow adequate time for a decision to be processed by the academic department in which the course is offered at App State.

  • Does the course you want to take at App State require a prerequisite? Access App State’s Bulletin page to search and view the course details.
  • Who considers your prerequisite(s)? Department Chairpersons are your best contacts. Access the Academic Departments page for contact information.  

High School Students: If you are currently enrolled in high school, you must provide the appropriate permissions from your high school counselor, a parent/guardian, AND permission from the faculty member teaching the course(s) at App State.

Check Deadlines: If the application deadline falls on a weekend or holiday, the deadline will be the next business day.